What is the best way to start my Burly fire pit?

The elevated, perforated, inner floor always gives your fire a dry surface on which to start. The holes on the outer walls draw in air to ignite fires quickly. Use paper or small kindling to start the fire. Then add seasoned, dry wood (4” to 5” in diameter) as the fire gets going. Continue to add wood as needed. Please note that adding logs to your fire does cause the fire to cool slightly, which may cause it to smoke briefly until it heats back up. Therefore, we
recommend adding only one log at a time once your fire is burning hot. In order for the fire pit to perform with little to no smoke, the fire needs to be burning hot and the coals need to be spread evenly on the grate. The hot fire draws air through the vent holes at the bottom, and forces air to rise in the double chamber before it exits through the holes at the top.

Is it safe to use starter logs?

Yes. Fire starters or fire starter logs may be used and should not damage the fire pit. However, since they are manufactured to burn longer with less heat, they may hinder smoke reduction.

Is it ok to burn wood pellets in my fire pit?

No. Our fire pits are designed to just burn hardwood.

Is the Burly fire pit smoke free?

Burly fire pits are crafted to reduce smoke. Our fire pits will produce some smoke, especially when the fire has just been started. Approximately 10-20 minutes after seasoned, dry wood is lit, the airflow system and overhanging flange will allow the walls of the pit to heat up and smoke to circulate back into the fire to re-burn. This creates a clean burn and less smoke than conventional fire pits produce. Continue to add wood gradually to maintain the heat needed to reduce smoke. Again, only place one log on the fire at a time. Note: Burning unseasoned or wet wood and yard debris will create more smoke.

Will my fire pit rust?

Burly fire pits are made of carbon steel and the matte black models are painted with high-temperature paint. Over time the paint on the inner walls and bottom of the fire pit may rust due to high heat exposure. Touch-up paint can be purchased. Additionally, you may purchase a snuffer lid or cover for extra protection against the weather. Storing the fire pit under roof will prevent it from rusting, too.

How much does the fire pit weigh?

The fire pit has a unique two-piece design. Each piece of the Gather model weighs approximately 36 pounds, making it easy to move. Assembled, the total weight is 72 pounds.

How often should I clean my fire pit and what is the best way?

Burly fire pits burn clean fires and require very little maintenance. The two-piece feature allows for easy cleaning. After 2-3 uses, ash will build up in the bottom chamber. Simply remove the inner unit, lift the outer unit by the handles, and dump the ash in an appropriate spot. (Never dump ash into a trash can or near a building structure.)

Do the handles of the Burly fire pit get hot?

Yes. The custom-made ash wood handles should not get hot enough to burn you. However, the metal fittings can get extremely hot and cause burns. We do not recommend moving the fire pit once it is lit. New handles can be purchased if needed over time.

What is a safe distance away from a structure to use my fire pit?

We do not specify recommended distances between fire pits and structures. It is important to check local codes and to use your best judgement on where to use your fire pit. Our fire pits are no less hazardous than any others on the market.

Can I use my Burly fire pit on a deck?

If you use your Burly fire pit on your wood or composite deck, do not put it directly on the deck surface. Instead, place a concrete or brick paver beneath it to buffer the heat.

Does water accumulate in the bottom of my Burly fire pit?

There is one small drainage hole in the bottom of the fire pit near its center. The
floor is slightly concave so that water flows toward the center hole. When ash accumulates in the bottom, water may not drain completely, so it is important to clean out the fire pit as often as possible. When clear, the drainage hole also helps with air circulation.

Do Burly fire pits come with a lid or cover?

No. However, you can purchase a snuffer lid or cover to match your fire pit and increase its longevity. The lid and/or cover will help to waterproof your fire pit.

Is there a warranty for the Burly fire pit?

We provide a 2-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects. We will replace or repair any fire pit that is deemed defective. This does not include damage from misuse, rust, or normal wear and tear due to high heat and/or water damage.

Should I use the Burly fire pit on stone?

Because there are so many types of patio products (natural stone, concrete, concrete pavers, clay brick, etc.), along with various installation methods, we cannot guarantee that there will not be some discoloring or cracking due to heat and/or moisture content in the product or base. It’s best to set your fire pit on an additional piece of patio pavement to protect your hardscape flooring.

Will the stainless fire pit weather?

Yes, stainless steel will patina over time, giving your fire pit a bronze look with a purple hue.

Where are Burly fire pits made?

All Burly fire pits are manufactured in the USA.