• Maintenance


Please try to burn a hot fire in your fire pit within 24-48 hours of having your fire pit outside. The initial burn will help the paint fully cure on the outside and top of the fire pit. The color of the inside walls may show imperfections where there is direct contact with the flames. This is considered normal wear and tear.

When the pit is not in use, the Burly team recommends a cover or to store in a garage or shed. Storing when not in use will help prolong the life of the product. Do not store inside unless the fire pit is cleaned out and completely cooled down. Covering the fire pit with the Burly snuffer lid will help increase the life of the product by keeping moisture out, which will prevent corrosion. Do not cover the fire pit until the fire is completely out.

Our two-piece design makes cleaning out your fire pit easy. Make sure to clean out the fire pit after every two or three fires. Cleaning out the ash will protect the unit and ensure that there is proper airflow. Do not leave ash in the bottom of the fire pit for extended periods of time.

Our fire pits can reach very high temperatures and can be exposed to all types of weather. There are no paints that can withstand direct flame contact and such outdoor use. Our fire pits are painted with High-Temp outdoor grill/stove paint that is rated up to 1200 degrees F. Surface rust is inevitable over time. Touch up paint for the painted units is available for purchase. See instructions on how to use the touch-up paint. Burly fire pits are built with heavy-duty steel and state-of-the-art craftsmanship so your fire pit will last for years to come.