How It Works

The Burly fire pit has a unique, two-piece design that is engineered to eliminate the headaches associated with conventional outdoor wood fires.

Hot air is forced between the walls of the two units and circulates through holes beneath our specially designed flange. These holes introduce oxygen back into the fire and excess smoke is burned off, leaving an almost smoke-free experience. The perforated inner floor allows air to circulate under the fire, making seasoned wood ignite quickly and burn clean. The inner and outer pieces weigh 36 pounds each. Separated, they can be moved easily around your outdoor living space; combined, they make a solid, sturdy pit that will last for years.

The Burly Difference

There are a lot of fire pits out there, but Burly outlasts and outperforms them all. Our Gather and Scout fire pits are easy to move, easy to start, and easy to clean. Smart engineering and sturdy materials deliver pits that are built to last and, best of all, leave no one stuck with the smoky seat.

  • Unique two-piece design reduces smoke
  • Perforated inner floor allows air to circulate, so fires ignite easily
  • Removable inner chamber makes cleaning simple
  • Sturdy wood handles make pits more portable
  • Hand-crafted in the USA using long-lasting, heavy-gauge steel
  • Cleaner burn produces significant radiant heat
  • Optional grill attachment for cooking